2018 Downtown Dozen Results-March 10th

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Overall Division Winners

Doughnut Doozy (10K and doughnuts)

Male- David Sawyer 51:39

Female- Maggie Needham 1:03:28

Doughnut Dip (5K and doughnuts)

Male- Joseph Elphingstone 35:39

Female- Hannah Goforth 42:47

Diet Doughnut Doozy (10K only)

Male- Sam Reilly 36:02

Female- Emily Gaid 43:43

In It For the Kids Only (5K only)

Male- Ryan Brandt 19:19

Female- Jacline Griffeth 24:43

Doughnut Mini (kids under 12)

Male- Hudson Atkinson (6) 35:20

Female- Zella Atkinson (5) 35:20

Full Results Here!