Downtown Dozen 5K & 10K

Take on the full Donut Challenge consisting of a 10K and mid-race Dozen Donut Dinner or take it easy with a fun and interactive midmorning 5K. We have race options available for all ranges of competitors. If you sign up for a race where you don't eat doughnuts in the middle of the race, you will get a dozen doughnuts to take home!

Register by March 1st to get a t-shirt!

Registration for the 2018 Downtown Dozen Has closed! You can register in person on race day between 7:30AM and 8:15AM!

Race Registration Options (Choose Wisely!)


Doughnut Doozy (10K and eat doughnuts)- $40

Our signature race consisting of a full 10K race with a midway Dozen Doughnut feast. Try on the ultimate Doughnut Challenge!

Doughnut Dip (5K and eat doughnuts)- $30

If you are intrigued by the idea but a little hesitant to jump all in, then this is your race. But don't get too excited just yet. There are no Half-Dozens at this race. Take on the challenge of of downing a Dozen and and then running a 5K.

Diet Doughnut Doozy (10K only)- $40

Hold the carbs please. This 10K race is for the serious runners out there who don't have time to stop and enjoy some nice fluffy Krispy Kreme Doughnuts on a Saturday morning. Don't worry runners, you will still receive your Downtown Dozen once you cross the finish line!

In It For the Kids Only (5K only)- $30

If even the thought of eating donuts and running at the same time makes you queasy, then this is the race for you. Sign up to run or walk this Donut-Free 5K. After all, it is for the Kids. (But don't worry - you'll still get your donuts at the finish line!).

Doughnut Mini (5K only)- $10

Our fun-filled doughnut 5K for kids under the age of 12. Get the whole family involved in support of the Children's Hospital. (Kids must be accompanied by an adult participating in the race.  No child sized T-shirts available.)